What Is New in This Edition of the Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults?
Several changes to the manual cover the latest addiction treatment standards. Each session of the Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults has been reviewed and updated for accuracy and to ensure American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) compliance for terms and definitions. This updated program includes several new components. It been updated to meet the adult ASAM Criteria for Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Level 2.1) of young adults 18 years or older. This is accomplished by providing an expanded format of the Early Recovery Group designating a time for Site-Specific groups, both of which assure a full three-hour day, as required by ASAM criteria for adults (those 18 or older).

This new component is the Early Recovery Young Adult Group. The Matrix Model has also been upgraded to include a version of the Individual and Family Group specifically for use with patients who are using or considering using medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This new component is the Individual and Family Group with MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment). The Family Program session topics have been updated to include the latest information about the use of prescription medications, synthetics, e- cigarettes, and more. The Family Program also recommends the use of three new videos that offer up-to- date information on all the common addictive substances and how recovery works for young patients and their families.
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