Know the Signs of a Substance Abuse Problem


Matrix Institute provides free, confidential assessments at each of the offices. If you or a loved one has reason to believe that a potential alcohol or drug problem exists, please call 800-310-7700 today to schedule an evaluation. This 1 ½ hour appointment allows you and your family members to receive the information and education you need in order to make the right decision for everyone involved.

If you are not sure a problem exists, answer the following questions to find out:150manatwindow

1. Have you ever felt you should CUT DOWN on your drinking or drug use?

2. Have people ANNOYED you by criticizing or complaining about your drinking or drug use?

3. Have you ever felt bad or GUILTY about your drinking or drug use?

4. Have you ever had a drink or drug in the morning (EYE OPENER) to steady your nerves or to
get rid of a hangover?

5. Do you use any drugs other than those prescribed by a physician?

6. Has a physician ever told you to cut down or quit use of alcohol or drugs?

7. Has your drinking or drug use caused family, job or legal problems?

8. When drinking or using drugs have you ever had a memory loss (blackout)?

0-1 Yes answers indicate a possible alcohol and/or drug problem.

2 or more “Yes” answers indicates that a problem likely exists.

If you answered “No” to all the above questions, but you are having drinking or drug related problems with others in your life, you may want to seek a professional assessment.

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This test for alcohol/drug abuse is an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) version of the CAGE assessment tool.

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