FAQs About Matrix Addiction Treatments

Q: What is the Matrix Model?
The Matrix Model is a comprehensive, organized set of evidence-based therapeutic interventions delivered in an outpatient setting. The structured format includes individual and group sessions for clients and family members.

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Q: What does Evidence-Based Mean?
Evidence-based treatments have research to support that they are effective in helping people in their recovery from dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Q: Is this a 12-Step Program?
The treatment at Matrix is NOT a 12-Step Program. The Matrix Model is based on learning practical tools to stay sober. We encourage 12-Step participation outside of treatment, but our program is NOT a 12-Step Model.

Q: Why Does It Work?
The program guides clients through real-life situations, giving them information and skills to stop using drugs and alcohol. The Matrix Model has been refined over 25 years and has helped thousands of substance users and their families.

Q: Who Can Use This Treatment?
The Matrix Model has been designed to treat adults and adolescents struggling with alcohol and drug dependence.

Q: How Often Do I Come in for Treatments?
Most patients attend Matrix at least 3 day or evenings per week for 4 months (intensive phase). Family members are encouraged to participate in the treatment program with their loved one. All patients continue in weekly support group meetings for one year, following intensive treatment at no charge.

Q: What are your success rates?
Success can be defined in different ways. There is NO 100% effective treatment for addiction, despite what some may claim. We track our outcomes very closely, and publish our rates here, under Success Rates.

Q: Are the treatment programs covered by insurance?
Yes, Matrix treatment is covered by all major insurance plans, including HMO plans. We also accept Medi-Cal. You may also check if your insurance benefits cover treatment by clicking here, or by contacting us at the information provided below.

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