Intensive Outpatient

Brief/Early Intervention
For people at the earliest stages of readiness for treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment
Appropriate for persons in need of assistance during withdrawal or recovery from alcohol and drugs. Also for those with co-occurring psychiatric disorders.

“I researched a lot of outpatient programs and this was the best program I found. I feel very blessed to have found this place.” L.H. Burbank

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment

An individualized treatment plan is designed to meet the specific needs of the client and their family. Most clients attend group sessions three times each week with individual and/or conjoint sessions provided guyonrocks1regularly. Time and day of the sessions are scheduled to meet the client’s needs. A continuing care program (Social Support Groups) meets weekly following the intensive phase of treatment. Many clients also attend on-site 12-step meetings.

Research studies indicate that a minimum of 12 weeks of treatment is required to receive optimal benefit. Because of this finding, the 4-month Matrix Model of Intensive Outpatient treatment is the most frequently recommended and selected program. However, the length of individualized treatment plans may vary.



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