These videos present ways family members can support loved ones during treatment and early recovery. Because the people in the video are in recovery themselves or are family members of people in recovery, listening to their experiences may help others understand the role of the family in recovery. Produced by SAMHSA.

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Families in Recovery (Part 1): Explaining Addiction

Families in Recovery (Part 2): Phase 1Introduction, Phase 2Maintenance

Families in Recovery (Part 3): Phase 3Disenchantment, Phase 4Disaster

Families in Recovery (Part 4): First Stage of RecoveryWithdrawal

Families in Recovery (Part 5): Second Stage of RecoveryHoneymoon

Families in Recovery (Part 6): Third Stage of Recovery”The Wall,” or, Protracted Abstinence

Families in Recovery (Part 7): Providing Additional Support

Families in Recovery (Part 8): Final Stage of RecoveryAdjustment and Resolution

Families in Recovery (Part 9): Supporting Long-Term Recovery

Triggers and Cravings (Part 1): What Is Addiction?

Triggers and Cravings (Part 2): The Science of Addiction

Triggers and Cravings (Part 3): Introductory and Maintenance Phases of Addiction

Triggers and Cravings (Part 4): Disenchantment Phase

Triggers and Cravings (Part 5): Disaster Phase

Triggers and Cravings (Part 6): Dealing with Triggers and Cravings

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 1): Recovery Begins With Withdrawal

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 2): The Importance of Scheduling

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 3): Early Abstinence

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 4): Addressing Triggers

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 5): Protracted Abstinence

Roadmap for Recovery (Part 6): Adjustment and Resolution